15 li Zeytinlik Reyonu (PR-64-3)

15 li Zeytinlik Reyonu (PR-64-3)15 adet zeytin veya salata bar sistemi kullanılmak için tasarlanmış zeytinlik sistemidir.

What is Olive
one . A tree (Olea europaea), grown in Mediterranean countries, 10-20 m high, with no leaves, without leaves, small and silvery, with long leaves.
2nd . Plant science This tree is fresh, green, after dark, high nutritional value bearing fruit.
Olives (Olea europaea), a species of zeytingiller (Oleaceae) fruit of the Mediterranean climate is a species of fruit.
Morphological characteristics of olives
Olive tree is a tree with a large shrub or 10 meters long, often branched, sprawling, with evergreen leaves. It has a large, curved, yamru tuber body. As the tree grows old, the smooth gray-colored hull becomes increasingly crusted. The crown of the tree expands every year, approximately as high as the height. It is a long-lasting tree and can live for about 2000 years. In fertile soils, the crown is open and asymmetrical, and in inefficient soils it is more dense and round. The shoots are gray colored, uncharted and almost three corners.
The spear, very short-handled, hard leaves like leather are arranged in pairs in mutual pairs. The leaves are simple, full-edged, and the edges are slightly curved towards the bottom. Leaf length is 20-86 mm and width is 5-17 mm. There is a pointed protrusion at the end of the leaves. The upper face of the leaf is dark gray-green and glabrous, and the lower face is bluish silvery and covered with white silky silk.
Towards the end of spring, the leaves have small, whitish-yellow, fragrant flowers that open in sparse bunches. The flowers, which are fertilized with the flower dusts carried by the winds, produce fleshy and oily fruits. The fruit is green before it gets ripe and then it gets a bright black color. There is a hard core in the fleshy fruit. It is a very valuable tree in terms of "fat" obtained from the flesh and fruit of the fruit. At the same time the tree has a very imposing and aesthetic appearance. The wood is extremely resistant to decay.
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